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Ellery Queen: A Website on Deduction
Kurt Sercu's site is the most comprehensive gathering of information, facts, and trivia about Ellery Queen to be found on the internet. And his research sheds new light into some questions that have puzzled fans for years. You will learn about EQ comics, games, and even jigsaw puzzles. Plus he has episode logs for the many radio and television versions of Ellery Queen. Everything you ever wanted to know about EQ and his world. Mr Sercu's collection of book cover scans is the most comprehensive we have seen, and we thank him for allowing us to borrow some of them to spice up our own listings.

Ellery Queen: The TV Series Companion
Lora Ruffner's elegant website is devoted to the Jim Hutton series. It is loaded with screenshots, articles, background, and plenty of love for the program that is the best filmed representation ever of Ellery Queen. Unfortunately it seems to be off-line, but there is an archived version.

Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection
Michael E Grost's exhaustive online survey of mystery fiction includes a lengthy section dedicated to Ellery Queen. Grost has an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre, and his analysis of the Queen stories, the traditions they draw on, and their impact on other writers, is carefully thought out and invariably fascinating.

Ellery Queen, Master Detective
Frank Daniels has assembled quite a bit of EQ-related information, with an especially detailed examination of the Ellery Queen comics. Navigation is a bit inelegant, but the content is worthwhile (as in his explication of the Barnaby Ross historical paperbacks).

Ellery Queen, Forgotten Master Detective
This is a 1988 thesis by Cathy Akers-Jordan of the University of Michigan (Flint). Her extensive analysis of the themes and techniques that reappear through the EQ works is astute. Some of these discussions include spoilers that should be avoided if necessary. There are a few minor factual errors (e.g. claiming none of the Columbia films was based on an EQ novel).

Golden Age Mysteries
This is a civilized forum for conversation about the classic mysteries and their authors. Of particular interest are the Ellery Queen discussions. Kurt Sercu serves as a board moderator.

Ellery Queen: The Art of Detection
Francis M Nevins is probably the foremost scholarly writer on Ellery Queen, and this revised, extended, and updated rewrite of Royal Bloodline is an essential for any EQ fan. Everything that made the earlier book required reading is retained, along with tons of new information and insights. He even takes a closer look at the paperback originals; we did so when we revamped this site last year. Our opinions coincide on some titles, but on others they definitely do not. His informed, well-reasoned critiques lend spice to this ultimate encyclopedia of Ellery Queen. Highest recommendation.
Perfect Crime Books, 2013
ISBN: 978-1935797470 (paperback)
ASIN: B00CR3DXV6 (kindle)

Royal Bloodline: Ellery Queen, Author and Detective
This Edgar award winning study of the Queen books and the authors who wrote them stands as an important documentation, though it has been surpassed by Nevins’s Art of Detection. The book is full of spoilers; you may want to put it aside until you have savored the complete Queen canon. Our thanks to Professor Nevins for his assistance in EQ research.
Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1974
ISBN: 0-87972-066-2 (cloth)
ISBN: 0-87972-067-0 (paperback)

The Sound of Detection: Ellery Queen's Adventures in Radio
Mr Nevins has produced a new edition of this fundamental reference. Everything about the radio work of Dannay and Lee, including a detailed history of the EQ series, comments from the authors themselves as well as cast members, and a complete episode log. Another essential.
OTR Publishing, 2002
ISBN: 0970331029

In Manors and Alleys: A Casebook on the American Detective Film
Jon Tuska, who wrote The Detective in Film, produced this revised and expanded edition in 1988. It's a must-read for anyone with a fondness for classic mystery movies, while the section on Ellery Queen has fascinating details about how Hollywood treated Dannay and Lee's immortal creation.
Greenwood Press, 1988
ISBN: 0-313-25007-3
ISSN: 0198-9871

Blood Relations: The Selected Letters of Ellery Queen, 1947-1950
Here, culled from the Dannay archives by author and dramatist Joseph Goodrich, is the selected correspondence of the two volatile men behind the EQ name, during a period of their most important creative achievements. We haven’t read it but if the subject matter interests you it comes highly recommended.
Perfect Crime Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1935797388

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Even though Dannay and Lee are no longer with us, the magazine lives on. Fine short story mystery fiction, and occasional articles and pastiches about Ellery Queen.

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